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    The website with Versi-Goo tool support can be translated into 104 languages in the world today – corresponding to each language is a separate site – example: for English is, for French is, for German is, for Russian is, for Portuguese is, etc.

    Readers can access all sites by using the list at the top of the website or the world map shown below by clicking on the names of each language or on the map of each country.

    After 6 months of serving all readers around the world, the site has had over 17,800 views accessed from 106 countries – listed below: Vietnam (2111 views), United State America (1319 views), Russia (243 views), India (419 views), French (374 views), Japan (320 views), Myanmar (284 views), Laos (234 views), Indonesia (189 views), Germany (189 views), Cambodia (188 views), Thailand (185 views), Philippines (167 views), Austria (166 views), Canada (162 views), Brazil (161 views), Azerbaijan (153 views), Turkey (140 views), Italy (108 views), Greece (104 views), Egypt (99 views), etc.


CLICK on the Map-schema of each country to access 104 websites with the language of each country.
(Notes for each nation on the tooltips: the nation’s name, the reader’s access views, the site, the official language, the population, the capital, the calling code)

… last updated 6 /2020 …

06 /2020

◊  104 Version of language world – Vi-versigoo, original version and En-versigoo, onset version.

◊  Featured image – source: The Alliance Bioversity International and CIAT blog – was presented by
◊  All databases of readers’s access – source: Google Console – be updated regularly.

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