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A few biographies

1) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh is a law student and a student of the Professor Vu Van Mau (Professor of law, Vietnam), Professor Bui Xuan Bao (French language), Professor Vu Van Kinh (Han Nom script) and Mr. Magnet Vu Nguyen Van Tan an author of the Japanese History book .

2) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh realized a doctoral thesis with the subject “Việt Nam Society at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century through the work of An Nam People with the introduction of Professor Phan Huy Le.

3) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh is a professor of Vietnamese Studies, Faculty of Thái Việt, Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan from 1988 to 1992.

4) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh opened the first nonpublic university system in the Department of Literature at the University of Social Sciences (now the University of Social Sciences and Humanities) in Ho Chi Minh City in 1986 called the University of Enrollment – later on Unofficial University.

5) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh is the Chairman of the Founding Council and Rector of Hồng Bàng Private University in 1997  then changed to Hong Bang International University from 2010 to 2015.

6) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh  founded the master website Vietnam Studies,, Hung Nguyen Manh Facebook page since 2018 and other websites: the General Vietnamese Dictionary –, the General Vietnamese Dictionary of Science and Technology digitization of Vietnam studies, the Annam Techniques –, Vietnam, the Vietnam Encyclopedia of Digital Literature –,, the Encyclopedia Press Vietnam Digital Journal Magazine –, the Vietnam Digital Spiritual Encyclopedia documents –, etc. will soon be released in 2020.

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Academic Research Activities

Nguyen Manh Hung - reading - writing
Figure 1: Associate Professor, Doctor of Phylosophy in History Hung Nguyen Manh.

1 ) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh was the first discoverer of the work of  Henri Joseph Oger (an unfortunate fate!). On the topic of Technique du peuple Annamite (Technique of An Nam People) done in Hanoi in 1908 -1909 and was forgotten for about a century until he was discovered by Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh at the Saigon Library in 1962 and was photographed and published in the world by Alpha Film Company .
     Later in an official press conference, Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh announced the discovery of his work Technique du peuple Annamite in Hanoi (already stored at the National Library of Hanoi and packaged, made reference cards with the symbol HG18 , and at the General Science Library of Ho Chi Minh City with the code 10511). Technique du peuple Annamite is a work of 4577 woodblock prints with Han-Nom scripts annotations on each and French characters. Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh deciphered the two languages ​​and carried out his doctoral thesis research, with the assistance of Han-Nom and Saigon Hanamists, Fine Artists, Stylists, and Cultural Association, Hanoi and Saigon spaces.

2) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh researched and carried out a doctoral thesis with the theme “Vietnamese society at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century through the work of An Nam Nguoi Engineering carried out in 1996 in Hanoi – Detailed details: Executive Summary – archived in Vietnam National Library.

3) Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh has always been passionate about a collecting ancient Vietnamese books from over 50 years ago (when he was still a student at the University of Science and Technology – Saigon Law University from 1963 – 1968) and regularly studied research, writing articles, writing skits, etc. even though there were hundreds of thousands of previous jobs and still maintain the ability to collect-research-read-write until now.


1)  Dialogue Vietnamese-Japanese Dictionary, 1969;

2)  Japanese-Vietnamese-English Dictionary, 1973;

3) Sketch of Vietnam in the early 20th century. HCMC Youth Publishing House, 1989;

4)  Vietnamese-Japanese Dictionary for Communication. Ho Chi Minh City Publishers, 1992;

5)  Modern Japanese Textbook (Elementary level). HCMC Youth Publishers, 1996;

Nguyen Manh Hung - Books & Research
Figure 2: Dictionaries – Author: Associate Professor, Doctor of Phylosophy in History Hung Nguyen Manh

6)  Ancient Hanoi, Volume 1, 2, Postcard of Fossil heritage. Saigon Cultural Publisherrs, 2009;

7) The vulture and the boy. Pen-name: Le Phong. Association of Writers  Publishers, 2009;

8)  Kanji Sino-Vietnamese Dictionary – The Encyclopedia Publishers, 2010;

9)  Hanji Calligraphy, 2010;

10)  Deciphering Han-Japanese Cursive, 2010;

11)  Vietnamese Lunar New Year Festival, 2009-2010;

Nguyen Manh Hung - Books
Figure 3: Nguyen Manh Hung’s Books

12) Ancient Vietnam, Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Epoch Times, Yesterday and Today Magazine, 2010;

13)  Ancient Saigon, Thoi Bao Publisher, Yesterday and Today Magazine, 2010;

14)  Saigon Hon Ngoc Vien Dong, Yesterday and Today Magazine, 2010;

15)  Hanoi Ancient, Episodes 1, 2. Thoi Bao Publisherrs, Yesterday and Today Magazine, 2010;

Ancient Saigon - Nguyen Manh Hung
Figure 4: Ancient Saigon – Nguyen Manh Hung

16)  Vietnamese Studies Training Program, 2010-2011;

17)  Traditional Festivals. Bach Khoa Dictionary Publishers, 2012;

18)  Technical of An Nam. Bach Khoa Dictionary Publishers, 2012;

19)  History of Vietnamese Mass Media;

20)  Comparision of Draming, Nguyen Binh Khiem and Nostradamus;

21)  Compare Confucius and Socrates;

22)  Comparison of  Vietnamese  and  American history;

23)  Novel “Black Pebbles“;

24)  Stork’s Silver Coin ;

25) La Cochinchine. Country of Cochinchina (including 456 precious photographs of Cochinchina, translated by Hoang Hang, written by Mr. Hung Nguyen Manh. This source of photo has added to the series of photos published in the whole country. 300 year anniversary of Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City.);

26 …) Many other research articles, presentations, skits… posted on the website of Vietnam studies –,,,  etc.

Ancient Hanoi - Hung Nguyen Manh
Figure 5: Ancient Hanoi – Hung Nguyen Manh

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