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    The website “The Holy Land of Vietnam Studies – during the testing – we feel the Giant machine’s Google is increasingly perfecting gradually. In fact, we use GTranslate1 – a tool that uses artificial intelligence to translate the website “The Holy Land of Viet Nam studies” into 104 languages of the world​​. Readers can click on a language’s flag icons of the world – provided by GTranslate – so that they can view the whole website content in the selected language.

 From now on, Thánh địa Việt Nam học website – – Vietnamese version – that we call (The Holy Land of Vietnam Studies – English version), and Việt Nam HọcThánh địa Số hoá vạn vật website –, Vietnamese version –  will be translated into each language according to the table dropbox listed below for you to choose from. At first, we created and translated the website using one in six main languages that the United Nations used – the French language: La Terre Sacrée du Vietnam Etudes – so Readers can be used the GTranslate to view the remaining 104 language websites so which we name VersiGoo.

   As our thinking – from now – to advance to  The Vietnam Internet of Things – it is a method of replacing old machines the wisdom of humanity – switched to stock machines AI creator2 – all put in place of the Artificial Translator, as mentioned this way! The human community in the world can find a different destiny of humanity in the Far East of Asia – that is the people of Vietnam today.

   As of today, we are solely responsible for the Vietnamese text – the original version – All translation into other languages ​​- thanks to GTranslate’s Version Engine – which we name VERSIGOO – whose Readers mastered one of the statistical languages ​​that GTranslate has translated – combines with human intellectual thinking to help artificial intelligence, connect, adjust accordingly.

     Please Readers care and suggestions for the innocent errors to help the GTranslate gradually improve.

GTranslate language flags

    Please select a language of the 104 languages that GTranslate is currently translating to bring The Holy Land of Vietnam Studies to meet the beloved eyes of the readers on the Vietnam digital digitization platform.

104 versions of VersiGoo

     According to objective and impartial statistics of Google Search Console – the website Thánh địa Việt Nam học –, Vietnamese version – Vi-VersiGoo – The Holy Land of Vietnam Studies –, English version – is currently visited by 82 of 204 countries around the world :

◊ In Asia – there are 20 /45 countries, accounting for 76% of viewers, including Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Colombia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Singapore, Myanmar, Bbrunei, Pakistan, Nepal, Qatar, Micronesia;

◊ In Europe, there are 30 /44 countries, accounting for 12% of viewers, including France, Spain, England, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal, Austria, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Sweden, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Guernsey, Georgia, Denmark, Czech, Slovakia, Caribbean Netherlands, Armenia, Albania;

◊ In Americas, there are 11 /53 countries, accounting for 7% of viewers, including Usa, Canada, Dominican Rrepublic, Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Trinidad Tobago, Peru, Martinique;

◊  In Africa, there are 13 /55 countries, accounting for 4% of viewers, including South Africa, Sudan, Algeria, United Arabia Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Namibia, Liberia, Ghana, Bolivia;

◊  In Oceania, there are 3 /14 countries, accounting for 2% of the viewers, including Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia.

  Currently GTranslate VersiGoo engine can translate back and forth in 104 languages of the world – listed in alphabetical order as follows:

1: The creator of GTranslate who is Edvard Ananyan – the founder & CEO of GTranslate Inc – also is a young physicist holding Masters degree from Youngstown State University, Ohio, USA. He started his IT carrier in 2006 with an associate programmer position at Netsys JV LLC. In 2009 has been selected as a Google Summer of Code student and worked with Google Inc where he created Working Copy extension for Joomla. From 2010 he has a consulting contract with The World Bank where he is developing Complaints Logging System for project management and anti-corruption purposes. (Source:

2: GTranslate has used the Google neural machine translations which are very accurate for popular language pairs. For example statistical translation quality for Spanish to English ranked at 6 out of 10, with 10 being a perfect translation. Human translators generally rank at 8.5 and new neural machine translations hit 8.3. (Source:

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