As a Desire of “A BAGGAGE HORSE ” in the UNIVERSITY

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     Now whether as principal, receiving multiple daily assignments, as a circus impresario – juggling here and rope walking there, and clowns, … Assistant professor Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung is still standing in this class and abroad, teaching about the history and culture of the Han language (Han script) in Southeast Asia to compare with the cultural history of Japan, Vietnam, China and the United States with an international theme “Heritage and cultural legacy French colonial in Vietnam” (modern history of Vietnam) and the World theme of Nom to replace Han (Han script and demotic script – ancient Vietnamese script) – in the language compared Nom of Vietnamese and Japanese – which he names to criticize the name Han World of East Asia bloc (of Vandermeersch)1.

     His own research subjects relate to the development of history, culture, language and ethnicity of Vietnam, ethnicity influenced in the world of Han in the East. He has worked as a machine – has created the mould, the tools, the qualification, the new personality that he dared himself to profess a baggage horse in the university village of Vietnam”. He used to use an elephant tail feather as a mulet, used to be a boy sitting hugging his legs at the Hien Luong Bridge, tasting the last trifling dishes or the “morgue phơ” of Saigon, wandering through the dark slum area of Saigon – Gia Dinh with a simple-hearted dream of a baggage horse “resting on the roadside in the forgotten mind of everybody”. But the baggage horse has carryied heavy burdens on its backs with illusory dreams that his body is now no longer as strong as a hefty peasant like the days before but just a thin, old, ugly “reed”.

    But the reed still speaks and sings these romantic pre- war songs for life!

     Now! Until now, we realize that the word international attached to the Hong Bang University International has a social meaning to be sympathetic about, it is a “rough sea” dream of a true Saigonese; holding a martial arts ambition to introduce Vietnamese martial arts to the world as a faculty of a university.

    It takes a long time for me to write these words – but he needs more time to write the story collections such as War and Peace of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. But he has divided Vietnamese history into some parts 1945 – 1975 +1. Why does it add 1? That means a summary of the history which he named for his novel which has many episodes – The black pebble – The part 1 is: A man who knocks on the door of the dusk. We are of all three sides – once being in the Vietnam War take tears for this dreamlike practical work, a high ideal of freedom, democracy and happiness of Vietnamese people and of humanity.

1: Léon Vandermeersch, Le nouveau monde sinisé, Paris, Seuil, 1985.

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