Nguyen Manh Hung RESEARCHED MARTIAL ARTS since over 40 years ago – Section 2

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Nguyen Manh Hung

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       Hong Bang University International had been training Physical Fitness. Among them are the champions Ly Duc, Pham Van Mach, Dinh Kim Loan. Today, Vovinam students of Hong Bang University International got the first gold medals in the international Vovinam tournament in Algeria that helps the world to understand that Vietnam helps Vovinam to develop. But it is not like many people misunderstand about that after the year 1975. And recently, three Vovinam masters (Bachelors of martial arts of Hong Bang University International) got three Vovinam gold medals at SEA Games 26, held in Indonesia in 2011.

       In 1988, he was nominated to Japan to teach Vietnamese studies (history, literature, linguistics, martial arts) from 1988 to 1992 at Osaka Foreign Languages University (BA system). He graduated from the Japanese Kendo through the Japanese Kendo Association held in Kansai. Moreover, he had learned The Way of Tea (Châdo), Kado (Ikebana) and the Japanese point acupuncture (Shiatsu) during those 4 years. So he was interested in and contributed to the health movement among students of Saigon in former years and present days. From the movement of “Autonomous University” in Saigon at that time (1963 – 1968) he contributed to the translation of the terms of martial arts, Kendo, Judo from French, and Japanese into Vietnamese (instead of French, Japanese) for the dojo of Saigon University.

       Ever since the establishment of Hong Bang University (1997), he began to submit to the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam the primary project on Bachelor of Vietnamese martial arts in Vietnam and international including Vovinam – Viet Vo Dao and Vo co truyen Vietnam (Vietnamese traditional martial arts). The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam hesitated about that and at last officially approved and allowed Hong Bang University to teach martial arts in 2001 as a new study of science. Until now there are many courses, hundreds of students who have graduated and become teachers, young masters. Especially, they have participated in the tournaments and won gold medals in Vietnam and overseas countries. Some excellent bachelors of martial arts are retained of higher education in pedagogy and foreign languages as English, French so they can teach at Hong Bang University and overseas martial arts clubs according to the contract with the martial arts clubs in Europe, Africa and the United States of America. And the university also organized some short-dated courses on medical subject for masters of Vietnamese martial arts of the International Vovinam Federation, Vietnam Vovinam Federation and other martial arts schools, foreign martial arts clubs.

       About the subjects of point acupuncture (shiatsu), massage (massage), and qigong, yoga meditation… he is completing the work called new awareness: “Try to understand the culture and the touch on the body (point acupuncture, massage) in accordance with the universal truth”.

       Let us read his words: “I was born in the fate of ‘willow wood’ so I was weak, facing illness but the orphan (his father joined the war against France and had sacrificed when he was 2 years old). My mother brought me to the medicine boat man for adoption and was named An to pray for peace. Getting down the boat for the willow trees get water. My mother worried about my health, my life. So I practiced Binh Dinh martial arts (in Saigon), Japanese Kendo (when I taught Vietnamese studies in Japan), swordsmanship at Western Sports Club as a CSS Saigon when I was a student, body building (Culture physique esthétique) since the year 1960 when I was a pupil, and learned, played some sports (ping pong, volleyball …).

       “Martial arts, in my opinion, if not competing for victory, having no way to defeat the opponent, they leave out the loneliness, self-depreciation, complex, and get the confidence to live and relax. Currently, many Vietnamese masters of martial arts with many different nationalities sometimes wondered ‘Where is the source?’ after many years of battle, separated and reunited. To answer the question, Hong Bang University International by itself to attract all sources to come back as ‘water flows toward lower land’, as “water flows to the original source, leaves fall on the root’. So, from that feeling I have planned the training courses for ‘Bachelor of Vietnamese martial arts’ as a ‘humble title’ of the university to say that martial arts are methodical science, have theory, objects, aims, and especially with their ‘output’ – that society is now expected by calling – not only in the country but especially in the world – that many people in the country still has not known its true value.

       “Many people think that martial arts are brutal activities. But actually – in my opinion – martial arts are humanity associated with literary activities and military arts, politics, weapons, meditation, philosophy, medical sciences, body, history, folk study, … If literature is a ‘written word’ then martial arts are ‘gestures and words’. ‘Words of writing, words and gestures’ are attributes of human race that has completed the first step of morality. Vietnamese history associated with the process of fighting against foreign invaders to protect our country and protect national cultural traditions and martial arts in that process have an important role, in other words the role of “existence”. History has recorded all doctorates in literature at the Van Mieu (Temple of Literature), and recorded all martial arts doctorates in the Vo Mieu (Temple of Martial Arts). When the country was pacified, Vietnamese martial arts were not considered because society did not think that martial arts are activities for training the fighting will and cultivating frequently the spirit in daily life with the social community but just think martial arts practitioners have to enter the ring to defeat the opponent, causing more casualties vigorously and aggressively than the other sports competitions!!!

       “Moreover, Vietnamese history from the year of 1930, 1945, 1954, 1975, several generations of Vietnam travelled abroad for many different reasons. They brought Vietnamese martial arts to develop in countries where they settled up the professional martial arts branches with their own names which recreated a history of Vietnam in Saigon 300 years – an area is equivalent to the establishment period of the United States of America for the personality similarities and particularities, … Those teachers have such as Quan Khi Dao, Hoa Long Vo Dao, Cuu Long Vo Dao, Thuy Phap, Vo Khi Dao, … and also many other names are growing worldwide in 5 continents”.
So far he traveled many countries and has signed training cooperation with the International Association of Vietnamese martial arts, the General Association for the Development of World Martial Arts, Vo Khi Dao of Vietnam in Germany, International General Federation of Quan Khi Dao, The World General Federation of Vovinam, Martial Arts Federation in France, Viet Vu Dao Federation, Cuu Long Vo Dao Federation, Thuy Phap Federation, … and Hong Bang University International has built two martial arts branches in France and Italy. Especially in Asia, he has been working with the Korean Martial Arts Federation. In the future he will find the way to Shaolin Kung Fu from Shaolin Temple in China – a cradle of civilization, a cultural heritage of humanity should be approached to learn humility and reverence as a legendary dream. All of his journey has started and kept on going.

       Hong Bang University International has organized the first Hong Bang International Martial Arts Festival (2008) in Saigon with over 300 martial arts students of 36 delegations from 15 countries. The second time (2010) was held at campuses in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province with over 500 martial arts students by 83 delegations from 32 countries and territories. The third festival (2012) is going on in Saigon. It is a strong desire! How should we have no desire when the festival has become the traditional event.

       The festival is an opportunity for Vietnamese and international martial arts branches to introduce martial arts method of their own branches, and bring to Vietnam Fatherland the martial arts masters, martial arts students of many nationalities, techniques, secret methods, experiences, national love, admiration ancestral altars, ancestral land … to mix martial arts with the world to be adorned more in love to the people, human beings.

        As part of his development, but were considering the way of investment cooperation together with the heart and mind to build the project “Tay Son Martial Arts Academy” – a training and research Vietnamese and international martial arts. Tay Son Martial Arts Academy would be the first martial arts academy of the country, and placed on the native land of Binh Dinh, if the government supports. This will be an important milestone, marking the rise of Vietnamese martial arts vigorously to the world. But how can a person do it? – Can not – a chopstick will be broken, but a bundle of chopsticks will be more powerful./.

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