LONG XUYEN – Cochinchina

The province of Longxuyen is bounded by the provinces of Chaudoc, Rachgia, Cantho, Sadec and Tanan, and occupies a surface of 120.432 ha in the western part of Cochin-China.

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TAY NINH – Cochinchina

The province of Tayninh has a superficial area of about 450.000 hectares, and is bounded in the north and west by Cambodia, in the south by the provinces of Giadinh, Cho Lon and Tanan and in the east by the Saigon river.

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BEN TRE – Cochinchina

The province of Bentre is formed by two islands: the island of Minh, situated between the Co Chien and the Hamluong rivers, the northern part of which belongs to Vinhlong, and the island of Bao, between the Hamluong and the Balai.

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HA TIEN – Cochinchina

The chief town of the province of Hatien is situated at the entrance of a shallow creek, on the Gulf of Siam, north-west of the coast of Cochin-China, and 6km from the Cambodian frontier.

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