ĐINH BỘ LĨNH (924, Hoa Lư – 979, Hoa Lư, 55 years old)

ĐINH BỘ LĨNH (924–979), originally named Đinh Hoàn, was the first Vietnamese emperor following the liberation of the country from the rule of the Chinese Southern Han Dynasty, as well as the founder of the short-lived Đinh Dynasty and a significant figure in the establishment of Vietnamese independence and political unity in the 10th century.

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Mỵ Nương là danh xưng được dùng trong thời Hồng Bàng để chỉ con gái của các vua Hùng.

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ÂU CƠ was an immortal mountain fairy who married Lạc Long Quân, and bore an egg sac that hatched a hundred children known collectively as Bách Việt, ancestors to the Vietnamese people.

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Pierre HUARD

PIERRE HUARD was a French physician (surgeon and anatomist), historian of medicine and anthropologist, long in post in Indochina,

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