Is VIETNAMESE a Difficult LANGUAGE to Learn?

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   The Vietnamese alphabet, as literally known as “national language script”, is the modern writing system for the Vietnamese language. We must admit that pronouncing Vietnamese can be hard and arduous since it has six tones and numbers of strange vowel sounds that don’t exist in English. However, trust me, this language is much easier to learn than you may think. Here are some reasons that will completely change your thought. If you are about to go for a Vietnam local tour, it is cool to say some simple Vietnamese sentences by yourself, right?

The Similarity between Vietnamese & English

    Despite some minor differences, these two languages still have something in common. Below is a table of both consonants and vowels, which shows the Vietnamese alphabet, and some examples of how those letters sound if you put them in a word.

Vietnamese & English similarity -

Vietnamese & English similarity -

Vietnamese & English similarity -
Vietnamese & English similarity (Source:

    Do you believe that Vietnamese tenses are so easy that foreigners can learn in two minutes? Just take a look at this tip:  Easy Vietnamese Tenses.

in the past
in the past, more recent than “đã”
right now, at this very moment
soon, in the near future
in the future

(There are some others, but these six can support you in almost all situations.)

    Let’s take the basic verb “đi bộ” (to walk by foot) for example, and stick one of these six typical words in front of it:

Tôi đi bộ tới trường
Tôi đã đi bộ tới trường
Tôi mới đi bộ tới trường

Tôi đang đi bộ tới trường
Tôi sắp đi bộ tới trường
Tôi sẽ đi bộ tới trường
I walk to school
I walked to school
I just walked to school, I recently walked to school
I am walking to school (right now)
I am going to walk to school, I am about to walk to school
I will walk to school

    School tour company = Công ty tổ chức tour du lịch trường học. Well done! You are now able to express yourself in Vietnamese! It is fairly simple, right? Many Vietnam school tours offer learning language and culture experiences.

The Differences between Vietnamese & English

Say No to Plural Form of Vietnamese Nouns

   One fish and two fish, a shelf but some shelves, one bacterium, and numbers of bacteria. It is exactly a horrible nightmare for those who study irregular forms of English plural nouns. In contrast, luckily, foreigners can get rid of this unwanted problem since Vietnamese has no plurals. In other words, the singular and plural forms of nouns are the same! If you want to express the meaning more specifically and clearly, you just need to add quantifiers like “one” or “some” in front of the word. For example, “một giá sách” (a shelf) và “một vài giá” sách (some shelves).

The Vietnamese Language Has No Genders

    It can be seen that Vietnamese has no grammatical gender. If you have ever learned French or German (except for English), you can sigh with relief because gender, often irregular and illogical, is truly a challenge for learners. Now you can forget about the concept of “masculine” or “feminine” words, which make your Vietnamese learning journey much easier.

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