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    Ban Tu Thư – – introduces to readers of all the world the collection “CARICATURESLý Toét, Xã Xệ” – collected from 190 issues of the ancient Cochinchine newspaper – Phong Hóa newspaper 1932-1936 – showing samples funny jokes with witty critique in the context of Vietnamese society transitioning from the classic lifestyle to the new lifestyle of modern urban areas in the 30-40’s century. Especially the pictures are not drawn only by artists of Phong Hoa newspaper such as Đông Sơn, Bút Sơn, etc… but also by many other readers but all quite similar in style to drawing.

     The collection “CARICATURESLý Toét, Xã Xệ” is presented with 6 topics – Readers can click on the titles to see pictures – as follows:

1. LÝ TOÉT, XÃ XỆ’S PORTRAITS: specifies two characters:
Lý Toét – a naive rural village elder with close umbrella always with him and pearly wooden clogs;
Xã Xệ – a fat, short, bald guy with a three-southern outfit;

2. LÝ TOÉT, XÃ XỆ IN URBAN: describes the conflicts “old” and “new”, “classical” and “modern”;

3. CARTOONS, CARICATURES:  including carefree, funny, funny pictures, and funny – caricatures – bad habits of people or contemporary characters;

4. FUNNY QUIZ PICTURES: pictures with hidden characters, animals, objects. Readers find answers and have small, funny prizes from the newspaper;

5. FUNNY COMICS:  with a series of drawings leading a small story of jokes or ridicule;

6. ADVERTISING PATTERNS: small graphs advertising various types of contemporary products such as handcarts, oil lamps, soap, perfumes, etc…

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